31 Jul

Hellboy Cosplay Costume


Hellboy tells the story of World War II. Satan’s son, Hellboy, was summoned by the Nazi guerrillas in 1944 and adopted by American professor Bloom to avoid harming the human world. When he matured and appeared, he was sent to serve as a special investigator. During the mission, he re-established contact with the evil Nazi wizards. He had to choose between justice and evil.

The baron who was born in hell was brought to the world by the dark religion of the Nazi Party when he was a baby. The kindly Professor Brue saved him, raised him, and guided him to good, specializing in subduing demons and demons. This big red man with horns has a nirvana with a giant right hand that is powerful and hard as a stone, and a shotgun equipped with a can of bullets. Tiehan is a tender son of hell, with a strong and hot personality but extremely fond of cats.

Although the role-playing of “Hellboy” is not as popular as other characters, its unique charm is no less than any role. Regarding the skills of Hellboy cosplay, I think I need to give you some advice.

Hellboy is a strong man with red horns, so you need a very professional special makeup artist to help you complete the look. Although it may not be acceptable, it is very suitable for attracting people’s attention on Halloween.

If you want to play a role, the role-playing costume is a very important part. Although the appearance is not satisfactory, his costume is really great.

Long coat

This coat is smoky blue, with a suit collar, which looks very gentle. The jacket version is loose, so you can wear it even if you are a bit fat. The upper part of the jacket is khaki brown, which is very fashionable.


The boots are black lace-up boots, cool in style, avoiding the boring feeling of ordinary boots, the leather is frosted, slightly shiny, the whole body is not conspicuous, the shoes are sold separately, oh, that is because the shoes are more special.

Black pants

The trousers are still multi-purpose black trousers. You can choose a satisfactory style in any men’s clothing store without affecting the display effect.

Props, gloves

The red robotic arm is the most special place in a piece of clothing. It represents the identity of the Hellboy and is his important weapon. This is a very cool set of equipment.

You can find belts anywhere, even your own old belts.

This role playing may be a challenge to myself, but I believe I can succeed. Hope this will bring you a good day. Give it a try, I believe you can attract others at the party.

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